Zuzana Kakalikova & Guillaumarc Froidevaux

Who is TDU?

TDU was founded by Zuzana Kakalikova and Guillaumarc Froidevaux for their initial duet performance. The idea being to create a structure that would permit them to build work with other artists met along their carier.

This means that TDU is a changing constellation orbiting around Zuzana and Guillaumarc.

It also means that most of TDU’s creations are in collaboration with other groups such as:

Sandy Flinto & Pierrick Grobety


Vivien Wood & Co.

Studio Matejka

Kelzang Ravach

(for the most frequent)

What is TDU company doing ?

TDU creates performances in the fields of theater and dance connected with music and plastic arts.

TDU is giving educational program in the form of workshops for professional dancers and actors.

TDU is also a tool to concretize ideas or weld encounters through creation.


Where is TDU ?

Since its first creation (Silence… 2008) TDU has been working and creating mainly in Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia and United Kingdom. Motion is part of TDU’s personality and gives it a wide vision of performance.