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Awkward Happiness

Dance / danse


“Awkward Happiness” is a reflection on the futility of happiness. In Awkward Happiness, an intimate relationship is perceived as a playground to explore the individual and his or her great quest for happiness. The private space of a relationship allows for more personal and honest expression. Masks fall and reveal what is hidden in public…the unvoiced questions, suppressed desires. Yet what remains hidden in a relationship also opens up an even more intriguing world, the game of (mis)understandings about the “duty of happiness.”

Is happiness something that we seek in another person? The journey of these two couples reveals how the passage of time paints a relationship with layers of beauty, secrets, surprises and misunderstandings. The moment of happiness appears and vanishes an instant after. Did we even recognise it?


Awkward happiness est une réflexion sur la futilité de la quête du Bonheur. Dans Awkward happiness, les relations intimes sont le terrain d’exploration de cette quête individuelle.

Comment et pourquoi chercher le bonheur à travers l’autre? Le voyage de ces deux couples révèle comment le passage du temps peint une relation stratifiée de beauté, de secrets, de surprises et d'incompréhensions. Comment un moment de bonheur apparaît pour s’évanouir l’instant d’après.

Opening night / première : 14. - 16. 02.2013 Institut Grotowski, Wrocław (PL)


Directing: Matej Matejka

Authors/performers/musicians: Guillaumarc Froidevaux, Daniel Han, Zuzana Kakalikova, Magdalena Koza

Movement supervisor: Vivien Wood

Music consultant: Ditte Berkeley

Costumes: Agnieszka Katynska

Lumière : Marcin Wojcik

Video: Meg Janus

Costumes: Agnieszka Katyńska

Production: Studio Matejka, Compagnie TDU

Résidence : Résidence de 2010 au 2013 à L’Institut Grotowski, Wroclaw (PL)


Avec le soutien de : République et canton du Jura (CH), Loterie Romande (CH), Grotowki Institute (PL), Mitzkiewicz Institute (PL), Tanec Polska, Summerhall (UK)



 14-22.08.2015 Summerhall at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, UK)

– 21.04.2015  Wydarzenie Teatralne i Taneczne Off-u 2015  (Warszawa, Poland)

– 12.07.2014  BE Festival (Birmingham, UK)

– 09.07.2014 Midsummer Nights Festival (Liverpool,UK)

– 14.05.2014  Lowry Theatre (Manchester,UK)

– 10.05.2014 Café du Soleil (Saignelégier, CH)

– 02.02.2014, International Theatre Festival of Kerala (Thrissur, India)

– 18.01.2014, Bharat Rang Mahotsav International Theatre Festival, Kampani Auditorium (Delhi, India)

– 14-15.12.2013, The Grotowski Institute, Na Grobli Studio (Wroclaw, Poland)

– 22-23.11.2013, Teatr Capitol Muzyczny (Wroclaw, Poland)

– 21.09.2013, Festival Off Europa: Performa Slovakia, Societaetstheater (Dresden, Germany)

– 20.09.2013, Festival Off Europe: Perform Slovakia, LOFFT (Leipzig, Germany)

– 17.07.2013, Zero Point Festival, Divadlo v Celetné (Prague, Czech Republic)

– 15.06.2013, Novy Priestor, A4 Nulty Priestor (Bratislava, Slovakia)

– 27.05.2013, Festiwal Teatralny ‘Inne Sytuacje’, Miejskie Centrum Kultury w Bydgoszczy (Bydgoszcz, Poland)

– 15-16.05.2013, The Grotowski Institute, Na Grobli Studio (Wrocław, Poland)

– 21.04.2013, Klub Żak, Trójmiejski Punkt Taneczny (Gdansk, Poland)

-14-16.02.2013  The Grotowski Institute, Na Grobli Studio (Wroclaw, Poland)



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